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The passion to break down barriers, inspire confidence and motivate your people to achieve their full potential whilst always understanding the commercial impact of your services. The desire to deliver an HR service that skillfully balances the demands of your organizations’ bottom line performance alongside the needs of your people.

Learning & Development

Quality Investment in your employees is crucial to optimizing productivity and key to ensuring a competent and compliant workforce.

Talent Acquisition

Our standard candidates’ selection metrics are; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) which helps us determine candidates’ competence and culture fit.

Outsourced HR

Tailored to give you the flexibility of not maintaining a full-fledged in-house HR department, yet effectively and efficiently managing your HR processes and needs.

Background Check

A modern, innovative, and transparent approach in carrying out checks to verify and validate personal claims and ensure your business is not at risk.

Performance Management System

Are your employees delivering on their jobs? What system or strategy do you employ to measure performance?

Policy Development and Review

We have the capability to create entirely new policies, standard operating procedures, process manuals

“They understand our business and the type of talent we're looking for. They know the market and have enough candidates.”

Tom Henderson

CEO, Envato LTD

“HR Consult provided us with a dedicated HR manager I can contact whenever I want. I would learn HR Analytics best practices.”

Kelly Aislin

Project Manager, US LTD

“I highly recommend the HR Сonsult to any HR company who would like to improve their organization that I've ever got well.”

Jon Riddle

CEO, Whatsapp


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We write with the passion to break down barriers, inspire confidence and motivate your people to achieve their full potential

Job Description of Major Nigerian Jobs

Job description of an Administrative Officer Answering telephone calls, responding to queries, and replying to emails. Preparing expense reports and office budgets. Managing office supplies and ordering new supplies as needed. Systematically filing important company documents. Forwarding all correspondence, such as letters and packages, to staff members. Scheduling meetings and booking conference rooms. Hiring maintenance …

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Maintaining a Healthy Working Relationship with Colleagues

Chioma walks in with her usual air of entitlement and self-importance; and suddenly everyone else in the room becomes engrossed with one activity or the other in an obvious show of false engagement. The air in the room just got hotter and the sense of apprehension is palpable. It is difficult saying anything to or …

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Your Certificate Is Not Enough

The caption above might lead a lot of youths to ask, “why bother with school?” Have you ever wondered why most ‘blue chip’ firms would always advertise for GRADUATE TRAINEES? Note the word in capital letters. These words have vital connotations which is descriptive of the status of a certified scholar, especially at the first …

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Why do you want that job?

For those who may consider it as such, this is not an interview question for you to navigate with or memorized lines that have been structured to impress the interviewer. Rather this is a major point of introspection for every job seeker. Providing an honest answer to this question and confronting the reality which it …

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Life of a Recruiter: Interview shenanigans

I once had an encounter with a young lady during a recruitment process at the office. She was quite articulate, great appearance and etiquette with good energy; I mean without much effort, she could easily make it to the next stage of the interview, which she did anyway. Now, on to the next phase for …

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Job Interview!

A job interview is expected to be a conversation, just like a trade discussion between two parties; a buyer and a seller trying to ascertain the suitability of the product in addressing the buyer’s identified need(s). It is common to attend interviews where the interviewer assumes a very hostile and confrontational façade in the course …

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You are about to miss your next job on LinkedIn

Ask an average professional if they have a LinkedIn account. Oftentimes, the answer is yes! The question however, is why have a LinkedIn account if you are unable to maximize its functions or at least make good use of it? Isn’t every employee a potential jobseeker? Quite a number of job vacancies have been filled …

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