Pivotage Consulting

Talent Acquisition

To ensure that you have the right fit for each role, our standard candidates’ selection metrics are; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) which helps us determine candidates’ competence and culture fit.

We remain committed to helping you overcome the pitfalls of poor hiring decisions.

Executive Research

Our experience, extensive network and relations with top executives across several industries makes it easy for us to headhunt, ensuring that you only spend your time interviewing senior executives with the right experience, culture and who are sincerely interested in enhancing your bottom-line.

Basic Recruitment

With an extensive network and database of applicants, we will help you achieve your manpower objectives swiftly and with ease. Our team ensures that we work closely with you until all vacant roles are successfully filled.

We offer holistic and flexible staffing packages that cater to either bulk recruitment or single manpower needs.


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Learning & Development

Quality Investment in your employees is crucial to optimizing productivity and key to ensuring a competent and compliant workforce.

Outsourced HR

Tailored to give you the flexibility of not maintaining a full-fledged in-house HR department, yet effectively and efficiently managing your HR processes and needs.

Background Check

A modern, innovative, and transparent approach in carrying out checks to verify and validate personal claims and ensure your business is not at risk.