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We are committed to offering our clients a comprehensive range of strategic Human Resource (HR) solutions. Our expert guidance helps to unlock the potential for growth and profitability!
Our team comprises of talented consultants with extensive industrial experience.
They excel in comprehending, addressing, and resolving HR issues within key market segments.
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At Pivotage, we believe that organization's success and achieving projected goals is fundamentally about people. Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge and vast experience in manpower optimization, guiding you through every step of the process and providing the essential tools to achieve and exceed your goals. Our subject matter experts will collaborate with you to understand your unique needs and design a tailored solution that best enhances your brand. Contact us today to schedule a call.
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Learning & Development

Maximize productivity and unlock your workforce's potential with high-quality training programs. By leveraging our extensive network of subject matter experts, we ensure that each training session delivers exceptional value. Our experts provide real-world insights and practical knowledge, making our programs both relevant and impactful.
Soft/ Smart Skills Training
Our soft skills training programs are meticulously designed to cultivate a higher-performing workforce across all levels of experience.
Technical Training
Our technical skills training ensure that your team remains competitive, adaptable, and proficient in the latest industry standards and technologies.
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Studies show that 89% of employers in today's workplace recognize the need for personal, team, business, and leadership skills among employees.


Hiring the wrong candidate can pose a significant risk to your business! Pivotage aims to minimize your exposure to corporate risks through our reliable and comprehensive background check solutions to mitigate potential risks to threats to companies
GAPCOT - Our employee Verification portal allows you seamlessly initiate payments and effortlessly track your verification process from start to finish, it ensures your organisation’s verification history is organised in one system creating a smooth and transparent experience.
• Real-time status updates • Easy document upload and Verification management • Enhanced security and data protection • Customizable dashboards • Database Verification
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of our clientele base has found our verification useful in vetting and validating their workforce

Hr Management

An effective HR management is the cornerstone of a thriving, successful organization. Whether your company is expanding, you need a team of experts to handle the nitty-gritty of your business, or you're seeking to optimize your manpower, we are just a call away. Our team would handle your people while you focus on growing your business.
HR Outsourcing
By outsourcing your HR functions, you can focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee relations, and compliance. Our expert team ensures your HR processes are streamlined, efficient, and aligned with your business goals, providing you with the specialized expertise and support you need to thrive.
Manpower Outsourcing
Pivotage offers comprehensive manpower outsourcing solutions, including temporary, permanent, and contract staffing, to help you meet your staffing needs efficiently. We manage all aspects of workforce management, from payroll and benefits to compliance, allowing you to scale your workforce according to your business needs and maintain operational flexibility while reducing recruitment and training costs.
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of our clients report satisfaction with the significant cost reductions and optimizations achieved by outsourcing their HR and manpower needs to us.

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