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Common, this is 2017, it’s time to DUMP your old CV writing methods!

Imagine looking through over a thousand (1000) applications per day, how many minutes do you think I’d spend on each?
Too much irrelevant information on your CV sometimes makes smart candidates lose out on great opportunities.
Honestly, as a recruiter, before anything I’d first like to see your past job titles (to determine the relevance of your job history to the one you have applied for).
Next are the academic then professional qualifications. Don’t even talk about your hobbies and strengths because oftentimes they are lies. Referees…we can wait till later.
Do not bother about a cover letter, it’s probably a paraphrased message culled from Google. That short intro about how intelligent you are, please leave it out!
I will interview you in person, do a reference check and then hope I have made the right choice in picking you.
However, adopting the functional resume style might be crucial if you are fresh out of school and have little or no relevant experience or need to change career path.
For clarity, it is in this order:

  • Name
  • Address, Active mobile number, Active email address, Age and Gender
  • Past Job Titles and actual job responsibilities
  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional qualifications
  • Trainings attended
  • Other relevant information relating to the job applied for