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Happy Women’s Day!

Taking some time to reminisce; to see how far we have come as women and where we currently stand, with the hope of a much stronger, better and united tomorrow…as women!
Social media is flooded today with memes, graphic posts, comments etc. on how beautiful it is to be alive today to celebrate “Women’s Day”. I wonder how many of these posters truly celebrate the women around them and not the invincible ones on social media.

How many children have called their mothers today to appreciate them? How many of you have lent a helping hand to that pregnant woman at your workplace? How many of you have said “Thank You” to your wives? Yet, we won’t see the last of the “Happy Women’s Day” broadcasts you blast on WhatsApp.

What does this day really mean to you if you ignore the women in your lives that truly matter….!
Again, Happy Women’s Day!